EPS Foam Surfboard and Paddleboard Blanks
American Blanks
Surfboard Blanks built with rocker templates suitable for either machining or hand shaping.  Standard 3mm  or 6mm PVC or 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" wood stringers and with foam densities from 1 lb, 1.5 lb, 2 lb, 2.5 lb and 3 lb.

EPS Blanks are available in either square cut slabs with rocker, or square cut slab with  stringer, or rocker cut with  stringer and outline cut. Custom rockers and wood stringers are available at an additional fee.   t.
Visit the EPS surfboard and paddleboard blank catalog at both American Blanks or Segway Composites  
American Blanks are available directly from Segway Composites